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You’ve installed all the cool stuff like a supercharger, a big brake kit with six-piston brakes, aftermarket wheels, sticky tires and performance suspension pieces. But as with any build up, your vehicle is only as strong as its weakest link. In the case of our 2018 Mustang, that unfortunate description now fell to our factory driveshaft and axles, both of which were going to be hard pressed to deliver any form of long service due to the 600+ horsepower emanating from our 5.0-liter engine.

To help improve the durability of the driveshaft and axle systems, we headed once again to our qualified curator of Mustang enhancements, Sal Gutierrez, of Gear Driven Automotive for a simple yet essential upgrade of these two components. Gutierrez had recently completed the suspension and braking system upgrades on our Mustang so it seemed a natural progression to have him install the new GForce driveshaft and axles.

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