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Everything you need for your 2018 S550 Mustang

By February 7, 2018 January 3rd, 2019 No Comments

2018 Mustangs started hitting dealer showrooms just within the last couple months, but have already found their way to track. The numbers are just as good as everyone hoped and exceeding expectations. This version of the s550 brings several new performance features, none more anticipated than the all new 10-speed automatic transmission. GForce is proud to release our new 1-piece aluminum driveshaft for the 2018 Auto Mustangs. Much like all GForce Engineering driveshafts, this 3.5″ aluminum driveshaft is high-speed balanced, features solid-core u-joints and is a direct bolt-in for factory replacement upgrade.

In addition to the 2018 Auto Mustangs, GForce offers driveshafts upgrades for the 2015-2017 Automatic (6R80), 2015-2018 Manual (MT-82) as well as bolt-in half-shaft upgrades for the entire s550 platform. Take a look at the links below for everything GForce offers for the S550 Mustang.

2015-2017 s550 Mustang Auto Driveshaft

2015-2018 S550 Mustang Manual Driveshaft

2018 s550 Mustang Auto Driveshaft

2015+ S550 Mustang Renegade Axles – *NEW

2015+ S550 Mustang Outlaw Axles – *NEW

2015+ S550 Mustang Ford Performance Axles

Complete Bolt-In 9″ IRS for the S550 Mustang