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By January 3, 2019 No Comments

January, 2019 – GForce Performance Engineering is proud to announce a new line-up of performance half-shaft axles with the release of the RENEGADE Axles. In fact, starting January 2019, the entire axle line-up gets an overhaul, propelling the GForce line-up forward to meet the increased demands of today’s cars and consumers.

The popular flagship product in the GForce line is the Outlaw axle. These CV half-shafts feature the industry’s largest diameter and strongest axle bars as well as complete CNC-machined, one-piece billet inner and outer stubs. The Outlaw axles will be receiving a significant upgrade starting in 2019, complete with polished CV’s inside and out. The polishing significantly reduces friction and heat build-up and increases the wear characteristics of the CV. They will also receive an internal alloy upgrade for increased strength and ARP fasteners, making the new Outlaw Axle the strongest CV possible in a bolt-in application.

In addition to the Outlaw upgrade, GForce is discontinuing the 850HP (L2), entry-level axles. While these axles have remained a successful stock replacement axle, today’s horsepower escalation has pushed what was intended to be an entry-level axle into serious cars with serious power demands. To combat this, GForce is introducing their new line of Renegade Axles. The Renegades will replace the outgoing 850 HP axle and come to market comparative to the current Outlaw. But, with one significant change; retail price point on the Renegade Axles will be $1599. That is $150 less than the current Outlaw. And while more than the discontinued 850HP axles, consumers can expect to receive a significantly better and stronger axle set for their money.

The intention behind the retooling of the axle program is to create a greater value proposition for the end consumer and performance installer. “In today’s climate, we as manufacturers are faced with a lot of challenges, including the rising price of steel,” said Jesse Powell, GForce President. “We have to provide the consumer a better product for their money, that can handle power levels never conceived even 10 years ago. And… we need to do this while ensuring a fair price point with a good margin for our dealers. It is a real challenge, but this the first step in elevating our offerings.”

For more information about the new Outlaw and Renegade Axles, pricing, availability and the advantages these products can provide, visit www.GForce1320.com or reach out to a preferred GForce dealer and installer. You can also call the GForce main line at: (316) 260-8433 M-F 9am to 5pm CST.