09-15 CTS-V Outlaw Axles


2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V Outlaw Axles – Left & Right


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GForce Axles have become synonymous with record breaking consistent performance and have proven to be the go-to solution for anyone looking to get the most from their factory driveline setup. Not all vehicles have an optimal design or the most ideal spline counts to boost strength, but you can be confident that GForce axles are engineered to be the absolute strongest possible to work within the space provided by the OEM manufacturer. GForce offers two different axles for most applications. If you would like to know which is best for your application, you can read more here: Renegade vs. Outlaw Axles

Specific notes for Gen 2 CTS-V:

  • All 09-15 CTS-V axles are designed to work with the factory 31 spline differential and 33 spline wheel hubs.
  • The required design and smaller spline count on the inner differential stub relative to the weight and torque of the vehicle generally makes this the weak point. We changed this over to a stronger alloy material to help increase the strength to withstand more torque. Where customers were previously hurting inner stubs around 800-850hp, they are now running without issue. Important to note that any axle can fail at a lower power level due to wheel hop or misuse. The listed numbers should not be an expectation, but an idea for capability.
  • The 09-15 CTS-V factory rear end has been all over the place in terms of reliability. There is a higher number of lower hp failures on this platform than any other that we deal with, with a handful of end customers being the exception. Having said that; If you are giving any consideration to drag racing and looking for a reliable setup, we suggest that you consider looking at a 9” conversion.

GForce axle shafts were manufactured based on OEM suspension. Aftermarket shocks, control arms, etc. may present clearance issues. If CV boots have clearance issues, low profile boots can be purchased at an upgraded cost. The low profile boots reduce the amount of available axle angle in comparison to the standard boots, so they are not ideal for lowered or high axle angle vehicles. This includes 2010-15 Camaro and all years of Mopar platforms. If you have questions or would like to add low profile boots to your axles, please contact us for more information.

Damage Prevention
NO DRIVELINE COMPONENT IS BOMBPROOF! GForce does not put a power rating on any driveline components as there are entirely too many variables that can affect a driveline component outside of power. We take great pride in trying to build the strongest driveline components to fit within certain applications, but it is important to know that You, the end customer, are responsible for seeing to proper installation and You, as the driver, are responsible for the lifespan of your axles or other driveline components. 

Want to read more about preventing damage to your driveline and maximizing the performance of these parts? Read more here>

All driveline components will fatigue or wear over time depending on how the vehicle is driven and what level of performance is demanded from them. CV joints are a wear item and will see wear over time, but with our current design, axles can be sent in for service. So boots, fasteners, and CV assemblies can be serviced without scrapping the complete axle assembly. It is up to each customer to establish their own maintenance intervals based upon the manner in which their car is driven. Individual inner or outer splined stubs and axle bars can be replaced as well if they twist or are damaged due to wheel hop or simply from power levels exceeding capability of the material. Customers can reach out to GForce directly for current repair costs or component replacement as well as return authorizations for service – sales@gforce1320.com

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