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Terminator Tech: Putting IRS Axles Fragility to Rest With GForce Engineering

By February 14, 2018 February 16th, 2018 No Comments

The Mustang360 Tech Team installed our Outlaw 1000 HP axles in a 2003 Mustang Cobra recently and had this to say:

“It’s clear that GForce didn’t cut corners when designing these axles.”

After Ford introduced the 1999 Cobra with the Mustang’s first independent rear suspension (IRS), enthusiasts quickly learned that the factory-issued axleshafts were a weak link. When drag racers connected those axles to slicks, they snapped like toothpicks. One of the benefits of Ford’s 2000 Cobra R program was beefier 31-spline axles (up from 28-spline units). Fortunately, these axles made their way to the 2003-2004 Cobras.

It wasn’t long before 2003-2004 Terminator Cobras started bringing 1,000 hp to the dragstrip, which rapidly overwhelmed the beefier axles. The quick solution to rear suspension fragility was a swap to a tried-and-true solid live axle.

Over time, however, racers learned how to make the IRS work, and work well. A piece of the puzzle was stronger axleshafts. That’s where GForce Engineering comes in.

Read the full article and see the install here.