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What is “Anti-Wheel Hop”

By August 15, 2016 September 13th, 2016 No Comments


Knowing what wheel hop is and what causes it is the first step to understanding anti-wheel hop technology and the advantages it provides. “Anti-wheel hop” is actually a technology developed by General Motors years ago on some of the first rear-wheel drive IRS cars. The concept is simple, use a larger diameter axle bar on the side that is most likely to receive the most power first.

Here is why it works. Wheel hop occurs due to a variety of reasons. Suspension, driveline, tires, power levels, etc. all play a part in wheel hop. But, at the most fundamental level, wheel hop occurs when the axle is “wound up” (twist). When the force of the axle trying to unwind exceeds the grip of the tire, it breaks loose and snaps back. Within an instant, the tire tries to grab and the axle winds up again and the process starts over again. This constant wind and unwind casuses the tire to bounce and is what we call wheel hop.

There are a variety of fixes for wheel hop. Stiffer suspension, different tires, etc all help to “stick” the tire. Another fix to help eliminate wheel hop is better axles. All GForce Engineering axles feature the Anti-Wheel Hop Technology. Larger diameter axles, premium materials and more strength and rigidity all reduce wheel hop. This combined with the appropriately matched suspension can virtually eliminate wheel hop and ensure your car hooks like you want it to.

Its important to note that ALL GForce axle feature this same Anti-Wheel Hop Technology. This includes our 850HP axles, Outlaw axles and 9″ axles.